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Confirmation is designed to open the door to a more mature exploration of Christian life. Students age 15 and older are encouraged to enroll in Confirmation. classes. They take place on Sundays after church with lunch included. They begin in October and end in June. Our students will join students from other churches in our deanery for a Confirmation Service with the Bishop in late spring. The class will produce a Eucharist service as a project after they are confirmed.  If you are interested in enrolling your child in this program, please call the office at 860-349-9644.



Categories of Study


  • Scripture

  • The Book of Common Prayer

  • Service and the Life of the Baptized

  • Mission & Community

  • Prayer

  • Episcopal Polity

  • Faith & Practice (to include participation in worship, stewardship, Christian ethics, moral decision making and theological reflection)



We have two young men in the current Confirmation preparation class. The class will run for two years to meet Diocesan guidelines. We meet Sunday mornings to review the Gospel of the day or plan our service projects and every other Thursday afternoon for two hours. Our Thursday class uses film to spark discussions; we use the Book of Common Prayer and the Bible to help us answer our questions about religion, the church, our own spiritual gifts and responsibilities. 


We started the year with Who Was Jesus, a Discovery Channel film on the historical Jesus and life in first century Judea. We spent some time on John the Baptist and Jesus’ Baptism. Using MaxMcLean’s film of Genesis,  we looked at the Covenant stories  and connected them to our baptismal vows and to confirmation. When we worked on the “welcome bags” for the men of Eddy Shelter, we read the baptismal covenant and discussed how our project reflected our promises as Christians.


Through the rest of this school year, we will study the cycle of the church year, and the “themes” of the seasons.We will view the HBO mini-series The Bible, and  discuss God's having a purpose for each of us, and God working through unlikely people like Noah, Isaac (and each of us.) 

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