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Faith Formation for Adults


✤ Book discussion groups

✤ Bible study

✤ Mustard Seeds Prayer Group

✤ Inquirers’ Classes

✤ Education for Ministry program


Have you heard of EfM?

Our baptismal vows call us to be Christ's hands and feet in the world. How we live into those vows depends on our personal theology as well as our understanding of scripture and spirituality.

Education for Ministry (or as it’s better known, EfM) is a program for adults who desire to grow deeper into their faith in a small group. EfM enriches us all for Christ's mission in the world.

EfM is a safe place to explore and develop our personal theology. Groups  of 6-12  meet with trained mentors who guide and administer the group. The group covenants to meet in person weekly during the year for 2.5 -3 hours of prayer, discussion and reflection. Each person's experience and point of view is valuable. As Frederica Thompsett says, ""Hearing the Word of God, in the past and in the present, is related to hearing each other." (from We Are Theologians.)

EfM was developed by the (Episcopal) School of Theology at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. Currently there are EfM groups in nine countries, as well as the USA. The program is a four year curriculum, but each person commits to a year at a time..

Annual tuition is $350, which covers all textbooks and the administrative costs of running the program. This is a discount of $110 because the Diocese of Connecticut is a "sponsoring" Diocese.

The EfM group of Epiphany, Durham meets Monday nights from 6:30-9 PM.



  • For an application or more information, please call Karen Otte or Victor Friedrich at 860-349-3631, or email

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