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Eddy Shelter Project


Assistance is Requested in Epiphany’s Outreach Project. Homelessness is a growing and widespread issue. One of the places that people can go to is the Eddy Shelter. The Eddy Shelter, a men’s shelter in Middletown, needs help refurbishing some of its rooms. The rooms at the Eddy Shelter are very institutionalized and sparse. A group of us decided to help "remake" a room to make it more homey and inviting.  Any group or individual is invited to 'adopt' a room to remake and is encouraged to. Simple, but personal touches can really make a difference in someone's life. The Outreach Committee voted in December to work, then the cold weather really set in and the shelter was completely full. They couldn’t accommodate us for cleaning and painting. It looks like we can do the work by mid-April.


There are many ways to help: donations of goods, materials or money; time and talent; donating or lending painting supplies; providing rides to work crews; soliciting donations from local stores (Big Lots, hardware stores, Odd Job).


The Confirmation Class will be helping with the painting, but will need adult assistance and transportation.


We need someone to request paint donations from area hardware stores; usually they are happy to donate returned paint (paint is good, but the customer might have bought too much, or it might not look as good on the wall as it did in the swatches.)


We will also need Rustoleum Spray Paint to paint the metal bed frames.

Also needed: newspapers to protect floors, rollers, paintbrushes and roller trays.


Heather Moeller and Karen Otte are coordinating our efforts; please speak to one of them if you have questions.



Some of the items needed for each room are:


1  Bathroom waste paper basket *

1  heavy duty plastic shower liner & shower curtain hooks

1  Bathroom mat

2  collapsible laundry baskets

2  Canvas storage boxes

3  window curtain rods

2  New pillows (preferably still in the plastic) *

2  comforters

2  blankets (winter)

2  sets of Twin size sheets & pillow cases *

1  window fan

1  welcome mat

2  Rugs for the floor by the beds *

( *  supplied)



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