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Monthly Community Suppers


There is something very special about sharing a meal together... with family, with friends, with a stranger... the sharing of food, stories, love and laughter... Please join us the second Sunday of the month (except on conflicting holidays or exception, please be sure to check back and verify the date) from September through June, as other local churches and organizations host, assist, or sponsor the event.


All are invited!


All are welcome! 


Held September through June on the second Sunday of every month 

at 5:30 in Epiphany's Parish Hall, unless another location is specified.

No suppers are held in July and August.  


In 2009, we learned from the Durham social worker that many in our

community were deeply affected by the economic crisis, struggling

financially and having trouble putting food on the table. Epiphany’s

Outreach Committee took action by starting a Community Supper

Ministry. People bring food to share if they can, and there is no cost

for the supper, although donations of peanut butter and monetary donations are used to help feed the hungry.


We realized that those who are struggling may feel isolated and different from their neighbors. We didn't want to call attention to their plight, so we decided to invite any and all in the community to our suppers. This way, no one stands out or feels uncomfortable, and we help them feel part of our community.   


Soon after our dinners began, our counterparts at Notre Dame Catholic Church made arrangements to contribute desserts and occasionally share in the hosting. They have been valuable partners, and we are now joined by numerous community groups, including the Lions Club, Durham's Boy Scout troop, the Town of Durham, the Town Hall Crew, and the Knights of Columbus. The number of those we feed continues to increase, as does the bounty of food we provide. We have special meals during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, along with a special Easter meal.

We are grateful for all who join us in this ministry!

Queen of Mean

A few of our tireless workers

Community dinners are well attended!

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